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The foundation of all I do is HeartMath. Visit our South African website here to find out more.

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I am Director, Certified Lead Trainer and Master Coach for HeartMath South Africa. I have a background in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy.
But these are just titles and some of my experiences. Who I am is what you need to really know about me.
I am absolutely driven by unleashing the full potential of YOU, helping you align with a higher sense of purpose, meaning and mission in your life. What do you feel you're meant to do with your life, or be? What's holding you back from your divine birth-right and shining your light? This is what I can help you with... setting yourself free to fly!
My areas of expertise are helping my clients to unlock their next step and fulfill their Purpose, Revealing and Clearing the Spiritual Traps to Abundance, and Living a Heart-Based 5D Life.
More specifically, I assist my inspired clients with building their Self-Awareness in order to Emotionally Self-Regulate and Self-Manage, so that they can find their rhythm and navigate their daily life with ease, succeed as they wish, feeling fulfilled and ultimately being more resilient in this ever changing and complex world.
I regularly give talks and training both locally and abroad on Personal, Social and Global Coherence, Resilience and Emotional Self Management, and run licensing and accreditation programmes for coaches and group trainers, certifying them in the HeartMath System of Self-Regulation, Coherent Performance and Resilience.

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